Friday, November 13, 2009

Flowering trees

Tropical gardens include palms, cycads, flowering trees and flowers.

Flowering trees produce fragrant blooms at flowering season usually from spring to fall. Blooms range from yellow, bright pink, light red and red. They add seasonal colors to your garden.

Generally flowering trees grow to 20 feet or taller. They grow moderately fast.

When choosing a flowering tree for your garden or landcape consider the color of other existing plants in your yard.

Gardening with palm trees

Gardening is the activity of growing ornamental plants, flowers, palm trees and useful plants such as vegetables, fruits, herbs. Gardening is the art. It is amazing process of creating plans for layout and planting these plans in gardens and landscapes.

Plant world offers thousands of diffrent varieties of plants, trees and palms trees. Selection of palm trees is almost unlimited. They come in different sizes, forms and leaf shapes. Palm trees tropicise any garden and any landscape and set the mood.